FRA-161-0892 Franklin County, OH

184 (US 35 over SR 2) Macon County, WV

21st  St and 22nd St Vehicular Bridges Birmingham, AL

9th Street Bridge, New York Ave., N.E.  Washington, DC

Benning Road Bridge, Kingman Lake Washington, DC

Bridge No. 2664, I-79-3(47) 130 Franklin County, OH

Bridge No. 8.64 South Ave & Chester Pike Washington, DC

Bridge No. 9.56 Over Lincoln Avenue Washington, DC

Bridge No. MOT-35-13.61 Washington, DC

Bridge Rehabilitation Study PLRS DA 310 Pittsburgh, PA

Engineering Source Document for S.R. 164 Pittsburgh, PA

FRA-315-0809 Franklin County, OH

FRA-670 1.23 - C-2 Franklin County, OH

FRA-670 1.25 - C-2 Franklin County, OH

FRA-670-4.33 Franklin County, OH

FRA-670-4.33 Franklin County, OH

FRA-70 12.32 - 8 (DA Over Road A) Franklin County, OH

HOC-33-4.21/10.50 Hocking County, WV

I 471-4 Ramp & Over Grand Ave Campbell County, KY

I-670/SR 515 Lee Road Rehabilitation  Detroit, MI


I-79-3 (38) 126 Over Relocated Elk Street  Harrison, WV

Independence Roadway Upgrade Cleveland, OH

Mill Creek Bridge 18.60 (N & W RR) Hamilton County, OH

New Beef Island Bridge  Tortola, BVI

New Railroad Bridge No. 18.60  Hamilton County, OH

Northeast Corridor Improvement Project Philadelphia, PA

Northeast Corridor, Section DHA Washington, DC

Northeast Corridor Project, KHD Washington, DC

Ohio Bridge Inspection Projects Clark County, OH

Ohio Turnpike Bridge Inspections Cleveland, OH

Pepco Roadway Replacement Washington, DC

Relocation of Brookpark Road Cleveland, OH

Roadway Design Services Washington, DC

Roadway Pavement Management System  Baltimore, MD

Runway 10R-36L, Hopkins Airport  Cleveland, OH

Runway 5L-23R, Hopkins Airport Cleveland, OH

Salt Dome Access Road Washington, DC

Southwest MTA Corridor Study  Harris County, PA

Three Bridge Inspection Projects Cleveland, OH

WAR-71-0.06/9.95 Warren County, OH

WAS-77-0.6/9.12  Washau County, OH

Water and Sewer Authority Washington,

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